Ipad & paper book

Ipad & paper book Client Hackathon Project Hybridization between paper and digital Project to invent new forms of hybridization between paper and digital. This book revisits the digital paper shadow theater with a set of overlapping layers of paper and digital effects on an iPad. Animations are triggered and played using the brightness of the…


Singer’s portfolio Client Singer  Project Website portfolio www.chloedebacker.com is the portfolio of a mezzo-soprano. Sobriety, elegance and quick access to information. I am currently working on its redesign. creation execution front-end developpement online launch


Miyage Client Autoproduct Project Souvenir brand This project is born from a trip to Japan that I wanted to mark with clean images, smooth line, frank lights and bright colors. From these memories comes a brand of souvenir items such as Tote bag, tea pot, notebook, postcards, T-shirt… creation illustration manufacture

Recipe book

Recipe book Client Autoproduct Project Recipe book “Kitchen mouth” is a notebook of recipes and memories. Good food is closely linked to good memories. It is therefore natural to mix pages of recipes and photo album. creation execution illustration manufacturing printing traditional binding

Atlas publishing House

Atlas publishing House Client Les Éditions Atlas Project Touristic sheets The spirit: Take the readers to travel to new lands while remaining practical. The city at a glance. My solution: A clear layout, a panoramic format and bite size informations. Achieving 10 capitals and 10 roads. Project without follow-through. creation execution commission artwork

Life is…

Life is beautiful and I’m not that bad myself Client Autoproduct Project The book gather short reviews and illustrations. Made as if they were book cover, the illustrations are enigmatic and catchy to those who didn’t read the review and obvious to those who did. They could as well be a poster on their own.…

Book series

Book series Client Project not edited Projet Covers for a modern theater book series on a very tight budget. My answer is a black and white front cover. A title that creates movement in a static universe and highlights the name of the author and publisher. The white space is a break to clear your…